For Hire

Thinking of bringing on a professional collaborator to help craft your multimedia / video content? Good idea.

The web is saturated with video. Sadly, much of it is boring, confusing, meandering, low production quality, or just plain doesn’t respect the limited time of a mortal audience that can easily take its eyeballs elsewhere. Too often, web videos get created to satisfy the mere condition of “making a video”, without thinking through which of the infinite possible approaches is most apt for you; who is this really for, and what do those people value? You want to work with someone who can get you from start to screen with ease, make something unique, well-expressed, and all with the biggest bang for your budget. 

Contact me to see how I can help in your next foray into video, no matter the scope or budget.


Design, story consulting, post / video production and animation. Focus in non-fiction, educational, socially-minded projects. Versatile, creative storytelling.


Starting From Scratch?

Bottom-up video narrative consulting, strategies and scripts to match visions with budgets.


Creative Design

Seasoned, intuitive design work across multimedia applications, including 2D animation, graphics and text for film, web design, mobile apps, logos and more.


Full Range of Production

Extensive in-house services, including videography and audio, photography, post production, motion graphics and animation, and preliminary mixing and color-grading for HD audiences.


New Ideas Welcome

Not seeing the kind of work you want to do? The character of our work is always evolving, don’t hesitate to reach out before embarking on your next creative project.